All Day in-person in New York City
Theatrical Reel
for Professionals 22+
Make them remember you with the media kit you need!
  • Professional guidance from a top Casting Director.
  • Receive specific feedback on your vocals from our expert vocal coach.  
  • Get put onto tape by our excellent on camera coach.
  • Get the theatrical reel that you need to submit for auditions so that you can get into more rooms and finally book the roles you are right for. 
April 15th & 16th 2023
Merri Sugarman
Casting Director

Rachel Cohen McKenna
Vocal Coach

Nyle Lynn
Acting Coach
Taught by
 Broadway Casting Director
 Merri Sugarman
Broadway Vocal Coach 
Rachel Cohen McKenna
On-Camera Acting Coach
Nyle Lynn
Don't let this opportunity
slip away

Professional theatre artists in New York city 22+, join us in our Theatrical Reel Bootcamp to sing and get feedback from one of the top Broadway casting directors in the business Merri Sugarman. Merri will work with a small number of students on their songs and give feedback so they can improve the next time they are in the audition room. With Merri’s nearly 30 years of experience in casting for Broadway, TV and film will give you insight on your material and what you need to do in the room to get called back.  

Broadway vocal coach and past agent, Rachel Cohen McKenna will work with you the week before via zoom so you can work on the piece before stepping into the room. You will choose your best two or three songs so Rachel can hear you and give critique. She will also be in the room with Merri to play the piano of your chosen song. With Nyle Lynn you will meet beforehand via zoom to get your outfit ready and have a self tape consultation. The Sunday following working with Merri, Nyle will help you record 2 professionally produced theatrical reels to help you start submitting for auditions right away . The best foot forward is presenting your work professionally and this weekend will do this for any professional artist.  

What included in the bootcamp: 

  • Choosing two songs that fits your voice and personality 
  • Guidance on what to wear in person and on - camera
  • Picking out the right monologue to show off your acting skills
  • Feedback with Casting Director Merri Sugarman on day 1.  
  • Connecting with Casting director Merri Sugarman
  • What to do if they ask for another song in an audition 
  • Working with Broadway Vocal Coach Rachel Cohen McKenna the week beforehand. 
  • Working with NYC acting coach Nyle Lynn
  • 2 contrasting professional theatrical reel clips 


... If you have  just graduated  from college and are planning on moving to NYC or already here in the Big Apple.  

... If you are a professional actor that doesn't have the excellent media to submit in order to get the auditions you deserve. 

... If you are connecting with casting directors or looking for an agent and you want to submit your best work. 

... If you have been struggling to get auditions and call backs
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